Stills & Concepts
Along the course of 5 months Lobo carried out a redesign of Band network’s on-air visual identity. The project included a new rendering style for the logo and the creation of 7 IDs. The package follows a minimal direction, employing simple 3D elements, yet with a distinctive personality and popular appeal that sets it apart from other Brazilian networks. For the IDs related to specific time slots, such as sports, entertainment and news, those subjects were represented in an abstract and conceptual way. Technically speaking, this project presented us with several challenges, such as dynamics and liquid simulations in 3D, and the conforming of all the material to HD broadcast.
Stills & Concept Art
Executive Producer
Alberto Lopes
Creative Director
Carlos Bêla
3D Director
Olavo Chagas
Modeling and 3D Render
Olavo Chagas, Ivã Righini, Franck Falgueyrac
Carlos Bêla
Sound Design
Paulo Beto