Stills & Concepts
This spot advertises the new Ikea catalog for 2011. In the voice-over we have a young couple talking as they leaf through the catalog, picking the furniture for their new bedroom in a sort of brainstorming session. All the while the animation, composed of paper cutouts of different styles of furnishings follows their thoughts, changing from one type of bed, wardrobe, bookshelf etc. to the next as man and woman hear each other’s suggestions.

We decided to go with a paper-based stop-motion animation technique in order to keep to the palpable nature of the catalog, as well as the cozy, intimate mood suggested by the script. We started from a single picture of a fully furnished bedroom that was supplied by the client; the first step was to digitally cut out each piece of furniture and reconstruct what remained, in order to have the picture of a bare room as a foundation.

Since the original picture yielded only one furniture set, we had to model other variants in 3D, making sure they matched the lighting and perspective of the first lineup. All this material was then printed out and roughly cut out, and different stacks of pictures were assembled inside a softbox: one stack for the bed, another for the armchair, and so on. The animation process consisted of the top layers of the stack being slowly folded, curled and peeled away in order to reveal the layer lying underneath, while photographing the procedure with a tabletop camera. This part of the operation was handled with the help of Dragon, a powerful stop-motion computer software.

Once we had all the animated furniture transformations we put everything together in After Effects. First thing was to time-reverse the stop-motion takes, since we needed the furniture pictures to unfold on top of each other, rather than crumpling away. We put all the sequences in place, according to their position in the original bedroom picture, and offset them slightly along the depth axis, so as when we animated the virtual camera in front of the scenario we had a nice parallax displacement effect.
Stills & Concept Art
Creative Director
Mateus de Paula Santos
Animation Director
Rodrigo Ribeiro
Head of Production
Loic François Marie Dubois
Stop Motion
Fabiana Fukui, Rafael Martinelli
3D Team
Guga Certain, Gustavo Rangel
Photo Manipulation
Sergio Ricardo Faria, Danilo Atanazio