Stills & Concepts
Conceived for Unilever by Ponce Buenos Aires agency, the Rexona Teens Love campaign promotes a line of feminine deodorants targeted at the teenager market. This series of spots makes up a single narrative, starring young Lucy and her typical adolescent conflicts and love doubts. In each situation the audience was invited to participate, by voting on which decision Lucy should take through the official campaignʼs website. Our biggest challenge was to find a way to cut up the narrative in a way that worked throughout all the countries in Latin America where the spots aired, as well as adapting them to different formats (5, 7, 10, 15 and 20 seconds) without compromising the storyʼs legibility. As a result, each of the spots ended up having 45 different versions, adjusted to each countryʼs cultural and language variations.
Stills & Concept Art
Production Company
Lobo / Vetor Zero
Creative Director
Mateus de Paula Santos
Executive Producers
Alberto Lopes & Luiz Carlos Reis
Head of Production
Loic François Marie Dubois
Theo Cardinali
Account Management
Camila Carrieri
Fabio Truci
Stricnina Studio
Storyboard & Animatic
Bruno Hamzagic
Art Direction
Bruno Hamzagic
Bruno Hamzagic & Francisco Beraldo
Character Animation
Tatiana Schorr, Gustavo Ardito Teixeira, Rodrigo Estravini & Bruno Hamzagic