Stills & Concepts
DPZ&T invited Lobo director Guilherme Marcondes to create a fresh and enticing VR experience for Brazilian NGO SOS Mata Atlântica. This film is an immersive experience where the spectator is in a car, stuck in traffic in the middle of a rainy concrete jungle without any chance of moving. Once Emicida’s song “Minha Casa” starts playing on the radio, time suddenly stops and we go on a journey through time, still stuck in that same place but at different moments in time. Then the magic begins as the car explodes into pieces and we fly off on a huge bird as a real jungle starts taking over the city.

Made entirely in 3D, in a short time frame of 2 months, our artists allowed the species of animals, trees and plants from the Atlantic Rainforest to fully express their own richness, urging the spectator to spring to action from the oblivion of their car seats, stuck in the middle of our concrete jungle, unaware that this natural life might not be around in a few years.
Stills & Concept Art
Guilherme Marcondes (LOBO)
Executive Production
Alberto Lopes; Sérgio Salles
Account Management
Rúbia Elias; Márcia Guimarães
Producer and Editing
Aron Aguiar
Concept Artists
Felipe Jornada, Wilson Panassi, Antonio Soares Neto
Rômulo de Oliveira
CG Director
Mauricio Löbel, Olavo Chagas
Diego Esteves, Bruno Coimbra, Rodrigo Paulicci, Rafael Segnini
Vivi Adade, Flavio Castello, Joaquim Luciano Nazario
Diego Esteves, Naiara Lima, Wilson Panassi
3D Animation
Marcio Nicolosi, Victor Diniz, Rodrigo Souza, Marsiel Sylvestre, Abner Cirelli, Daniel Alvite, Jonathan Bento, Michael Maron, Rafael Polanczyk
Guilherme Sarinho
Sound Design