Stills & Concepts
Promo spot for the animated show “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends”, created by Craig McCracken of “The Powerpuff Girls” fame. The spot begins outside the gates of the titular house, in black-and-white and a gloomy mood, accentuated by a spooky “old film” jittery effect. But the inside of the house is the opposite: once the front door opens everything is colorful and full of movement, like the show itself.

The client sent us all the original vector artwork of the characters in the show. But we wanted the promo to have a distinct character to set it apart from the actual show, so after we animated those characters individually we put them in a house that was built in 3D entirely inside After Effects, which gave us a lot of freedom and control to animate a camera going through the hallways and stairs.
Stills & Concept Art