Stills & Concepts
Part of a global initiative for the launch of the new Adidas soccer boots, the Predator Lethal Zones, Lew’LaraTBWA agency created a campaign that stars some of Brazil’s finest players: Kaká, Oscar, Marcos Assunção, Vagner Love, Victor e Jadson. Produced by Vetor Zero/Lobo and directed by Meteus de Paula Santos and Cadu Macedo, the film shows the athletes demonstrating the power of the five “lethal zones” of the shoe: Sweet Spot, Drive, Pass, Dribble and First Touch. These are areas with special texturing and padding that allow for greater precision during those crucial moves.

To show their true mettle, the players are gathered together on a proving ground where they face challenges that include hitting flying plates with the ball, shooting it through hoops, and dribbling a series of moving obstacles. A fast-paced editing and cutting edge soundtrack give the spot a dynamic, exciting feel, prompting the viewer to learn more about the challenges through Adidas’ website
Stills & Concept Art
Lew’Lara TBWA
Production Company
Vetor Zero / Lobo
Creative Directors
Mateus de Paula Santos & Cadu Macedo
Executive Producers
Alberto Lopes & Sérgio Salles
Account Manager
Paula Saraiva
Fabio Truci
Director of Photography
Pierre de Kerchove
Art Direction
Marcelo Reginato
Rogério Ferreira Alves
Post Production
Vetor Zero / Lobo