Stills & Concepts
In 2008 Lobo was commissioned to create the opening sequence and interstitials for the Brazilian segment of the 9th Latin Grammy Awards. And we didn’t shy away from embracing a full-on tropical flavor, complete with plants, flowers, birds and monkeys.

Inspired in part by the conciseness and minimalism of 1950s album covers, and the “jazzy-tropical-lounge” style of that age, we created several graphic elements that were rendered with simple cut-out shapes, filled with flat citric colors that provided a stark contrast against the black background, resulting in an elegant and yet vibrant composition.
Stills & Concept Art
Creative Directors
Mateus de Paula Santos & Carlos Bêla
Daniel Pommella
Daniel Pommella, Fabio Acorsi, Gabriel Dietrich, Maurício Ambrósio, Roger Marmo, Serginho Dimi