Stills & Concepts
A new cable channel dedicated to nature and extreme sports, Canal OFF unveiled last May a set of four new IDs. Inspired by the concepts of Water, Air, Earth and Urban Life, the 10 second clips are based on abstract graphics, translating their subjects visually in an impressionistic way through various animation dynamics. Even though the visual elements are purely digital, through a careful use of lighting and texture it was possible to achieve an organic and immersive result, which together with an atmospheric sound design seeks to convey the ideas of action, adventure, adrenaline and nature – the four principles that guide the channel’s programming.
Stills & Concept Art
Production Company:
Lobo / Vetor Zero
Creative Director
Guto Terni
Animation Director
Guto Terni
Executive Producers
Alberto Lopes & Sérgio Salles
Account Manager
Camila Carrieri
Head Of Production
Loic François Marie Dubois
Art Direction
Fabio Acorsi & Serginho Dimi
CG Supervisor
Guilherme Rizzo
Cristian Lucas
Cassio Homa, Fernando Magalhães
Guto Terni, Guilherme Rizzo, Rogério Miyagi
Post Production
Fabio Acorsi, Rafael Martinelli, Fabiana Serpa
Particle FX
Rogério Miyagi
Rogério Miyagi