Stills & Concepts
Vetor Zero/Lobo was invited by the Space Channel – a branch of Turner Broadcasting System – to develop a new on air package, composed of idents, bumpers and menus, totaling 104 pieces and 12 minutes of 3D animation. Initiated two years ago, the extensive creative process took off using as main reference the work of artist and designer Syd Mead, responsible for the concept art of sci-fi films like Blade Runner, Aliens, Tron and Star Trek. With a team of more than 30 people, the production company created fantastic characters and scenarios that translate the thrill-packed spirit of Space’s programming, with a dramatic and hiper-realistic finish. “Our goal was to produce a visual identity so compelling and intriguing as a series or a movie in Space’s programming, and not just a visually interesting graphics package”, says director Mateus de Paula Santos. The pieces were divided in four franchises (with portuguese and spanish versions): one generic and three thematic for specific programming slots, dedicated to series, films and sports. Among the highly detailed visuals the channel logo stands out, always incorporated into the narrative as part of props or settings. The yellow of the brand also gains strength in contrast with the overall grayish monochrome. The directorial team was composed of Mateus de Paula Santos, Loic François Marie Dubois and Diego Fernandez, with executive producers Alberto Lopes, Sergio Salles, Luiz Carlos Reis e Andrea Dacharry.
Stills & Concept Art
Injaus Design/Turner
Production Company
Lobo / VetorZero
Executive Producers
Alberto Lopes, Sérgio Salles & Luiz Carlos Reis
Creative Directors
Mateus de Paula Santos e Loic François Marie Dubois
Roger Marmo, Loic François Marie Dubois e Rodrigo Gallardo
Art Direction
Rodrigo Gallardo e Fabio Acorsi
CG Direction
Franck Falgueyrac, Olavo Chagas, Alexandre Eschenbach, Reinaldo Furegato e Rodrigo Gallardo
3D Animation
Olavo Chagas, Ivan Olviedo, D. Lee Peffer II e Fernando Magalhães
Franck Falgueyrac, Mauricio Trivelin, Igor Colaiacovo e Paula Nobre
Modeling and Texture
Olavo Chagas, Art Duck Studios, Fernando Faria, Daniel Ho, Iara Furuse Abigalil, Karla Ruoco, Marcos Smirkoff, Rafael Segnini, Antonio Augusto Certain e Filipe Lopes
Conceptual Art
Diego Maya, Fernando Faria, Manuel Dischinger Moura e Marcelo Souto
Olavo Chagas, Vivi Adade e Sergio Gorgueira
2D Animation e Post-production
Franck Falgueyrac, Fabio Acorsi, Paulo Conceição, Fabiano Broki, Cassio Carvalho, Franco Bertoncini Andrade, Fernando Stutz e Lucas Barreto
Sound Design and Music
Paulo Beto/Anvil FX/YB Studios
Making Of
Aron M. Aguiar