Stills & Concepts
TV Cultura, one of the oldest and most respected broadcasters in Brazil, decided to reshape its identity within a new visual programming. So we got into he action, forming a creative team along with Almap / BBDO to develop the reface.

The basic concept was to establish a graphic division during three periods of a day: morning, afternoon and night. By absorbing the programming content, the visual design took place from a deep study of the sensations, colors and textures that each time of day. The scene elements are abstract and figurative, depicting subtly over time.

Thus, the morning has a youthful, childlike vibe, with a whimsical touch of animated cartoons. In the palette, vivid tones express a joyful and light programming. During the afternoon, a feeling of well-being, home and family illustrates the grid with informative and educational shows – the colors are a variation warmer palette used in the morning. Our strategy was to use natural transition inspired by running hours along the day keept the colors changing to evening: the visuals have a sophisticated comfort and still maintain the same tones, but darker.
Stills & Concept Art
Creative Director
Mateus de Paula Santos
Executive Producer
Alberto Lopes
Account Management
Roberta Reigado
Design Supervisor
Rodrigo Ribeiro
Guilherme Ferreirinha, Pedro Kobuti & João Lavieri
Guilherme Ferreirinha, Pedro Kobuti & Paulo Pássaro
Guilherme Ferreirinha & Pedro Kobuti
Fabio Truci