Stills & Concepts
In this spot for Gol, a Brazilian airline company, a city populated by caterpillars suddenly sees its inhabitants being inspired to metamorphose and escape their dull surroundings.

The animation was produced entirely in 3D, yet referencing the cartoons of the 1920s directed by Max Fleischer and Ub Iwerks, among others. In order to highlight the turning point of the story, when the main character grows wings, we decided to keep the entire first part of the animation in black and white, adding a sudden burst of color during the spot’s climax.

We developed around 30 different character designs and models for the caterpillars, until we arrived at their final look. From the film we generated artwork for several print media applications, from ads to cardboard props placed in airports.
Stills & Concept Art
Creative Director
Nando Cohen
Executive Producer
Alberto Lopes
3D Supervisors
Guilherme Rizzo, Alexandre Eschenbach
Luis Elias, Karla Ornellas, Guilherme Rizzo, Diego Maia, Moises Braga, Filipe Lopes, Danilo Enoki, Ticiane Andriani
Alexandre Eschenbach, Helio Takahashi, Alexandre Martins, Michel Bidart, Vitor Vilela, Marco Antonio Trandafilov, Yuri Lementy
Moises Braga, Ricardo Riamonde, Alexandre Eschenbach, Guilherme Rizzo
Richard Kazuo Maegaki, Guilherme Rizzo
Light and Render
Guilherme Rizzo, Alexandre Eschenbach, Karla Ornellas
Particle Effects
Luis Garrido
Fabio Acorsi, José Eduardo Ambrósio