Stills & Concepts
Keeping up the “More Fanta. Less Serious” campaign, Ogilvy&Mather Brasil created a new lively, brightly colored spot. Titled “King of the Cups”, the ad features a popular game known in the USA as cup stacking, or speed stacking, which involves stacking plastic cups in different configurations in as little time as possible. The game is catching on in Brazil, where this year Fanta promoted the first nationwide tournament.

Preserving the character designs and the unmistakable stylized look of the campaign, Vetor Zero/Lobo slightly updated the surface textures of the 3D models, looking for a more realistic and detailed finish. To that end we employed a new rendering system developed by Sony Pictures Imageworks, called Arnold, together with Maya software. The spot also presented a challenge when it came to organize the production pipeline,since the narrative consisted of a single take sequence, which made assigning different tasks to various animators more complicated.
Stills & Concept Art
Production Company
Lobo / Animatorio
Creative Directors:
Mateus de Paula Santos & Gabriel Nobrega
Executive Producers
Alberto Lopes & Sergio Salles
Account Manager
Roberta Reigado
CG Supervisor
Reinaldo Furegato
3D Coordination
Cristiane Santos
Rafael Segnini, Vanderley Zafalon, Jorge Ferreira
Richard Maegaki, Vivi Adade
Alexandre Martins, Thiago Lima, Marco Antonio
Cristian Lucas, Reinaldo Furegato
Jorge Ferreira
Mauricio Trivelin, Vanderley Zafalon, Igor Colaiacovo
Guilherme Ferreirinha