Stills & Concepts
The new silent engine of the Fiat Linea was the starting point for the concept of this spot, written by Leo Burnett Brazil. The idea is that the driver doesn’t hear any noise coming out of the car, and is therefore able to pay more attention to his surroundings. In sync with the soundtrack, animated graphics appear around the vehicle, harmoniously following its path along a fantastic road.
The inspiration for creating graphics that respond to music came from the epic Disney animated feature “Fantasia”. At the beginning of production several directions were considered together with the agency. The layouts were developed in 2D, followed by motion studies in 3D animatics, and finally the modeling process started. It’s interesting to note that the interior shots of the car filmed before the animation began were completely remodeled in 3D later during post-production.

At first there was a certain concern from the client about the use of too many colors in the spot, for fear that it could clash with the target demographic of the Linea, largely male. After a series of visual and conceptual researches we made some adjustments to the spot, and yet most of the ideas formulated at the beginning of production were maintained.
Stills & Concept Art
Executive Producer
Alberto Lopes
Account Management
Roberta Reigado
Mateus de Paula Santos & Rodrigo Ribeiro
CG Director
Cleverson Leal
Cleverson Leal, Freddy Palacio
3D Composition
Cleverson Leal, Freddy Palacio
Daniel Burson