Stills & Concepts
For decades the norm with advertising pieces for Lux soap has been to showcase well known, worldwide female celebrities promoting their product. But for this spot, JWT Singapore chose for the first time to shift the focus to a male star, Brazilian actor, singer and songwriter Daniel Boaventura, who performs the classic song Rosa as a way of celebrating every woman, and not just one personality. Representing all of womankind is rising model Akyria Ougos, who after a sensuous bath with the new Lux fragrancies makes a stunning entrance at a soirée, enthralling guests and musicians alike and causing the until then doleful rendition of the song to pick up the tempo and become a lively, swinging dance number.

Produced by Vetor Zero/Lobo and directed by João Tenório, the spot also forgoes the usual luxurious, overadorned settings of the genre, opting instead for a naturally clean and stylish ambience both for the bath and party sequences.
Stills & Concept Art
Production Company
Vetor Zero / Lobo
Creative Director
João Tenorio
Executive Producers
Alberto Lopes & Sérgio Salles
Account Manager
Roberta Reigado
Fabio Truci
Photography Direction
Marcelo Durst
Head of Production
André Rosa
Kaue Kabrera
CG Supervisor
Alceu Baptistão & Cleverson Leal
Post Production
Vetor Zero / Lobo