Stills & Concepts
Three months after winning the pitch and landing the account for Brazilian brewery Petrópolis, Y&R agency presents the new concepts created for the two main beer brands produced by the group. For the Itaipava label the agency is launching a campaign based on the tagline “The 100% Beer”, which highlights the quality of ingredients and the time invested in manufacturing the product, reflecting the pride expressed by those who make it, sell it and enjoy it.

The first TV spot of the campaign, produced by Vetor Zero and directed by Mateus de Paula Santos and Nando Cohen, translates Itaipava’s new positioning through a series of images carefully shot in studio, where the protagonists are beer’s main ingredients. Barley grains, hops buds and pure, crystal clear water, traditional elements in beer advertising, are here portrayed in a creative, unique way, using unusual camera angles, bold visual compositions and dramatic variations in film speed, ranging from time lapse to super slow motion (thanks to a Phantom high speed camera shooting at 1500 fps). By interspersing this material with stock footage of natural phenomena in time lapse, the editorial lends the spot a grandiose, elemental and primordial tone, which coupled with a percussive, contemporary soundtrack suggests beer’s ancestral roots, all the while reminding the viewers of the pleasures of a tall, cold glass.
Stills & Concept Art
Production Company
Vetor Zero / Lobo
Creative Directors
Mateus de Paula Santos & Nando Cohen
Executive Producers
Alberto Lopes & Sérgio Salles
Account Manager
Márcia Guimarães
Fabio Truci
Director of Photography
Roberto Laguna
Art Direction
Marcelo Reginato
Head of Production
André Rosa
Vinicius Martins
Post Production
Vetor Zero / Lobo
Sound Design
Cream Studio