Stills & Concepts
When German label Forte Records saw the “Video Computer System” video, they were struck by how it related to what they were looking for for their band Ural 13 Diktators. The similarities between the two bands (we’re talking about their ’80s style, not their names…) kickstarted the production of the “Name of the Game” video.

In a sort of development of “Video Computer System”, with “Name of the Game” Lobo also mirrored the evolution of videogames, by this time paying a tribute to the second generation of home consoles and their more refined 56-color graphics.

Since this “evolution” allowed a greater detail of characters and settings, this video was more time-consuming than the previous. The main character’s moves and the backgrounds were built the same way games were done in the late ’80s. The problem was how to use the repetition of elements, a common feature of those games, in a way that wouldn’t seem repetitive to those who watch it.

A story of love and heartbreak, “Name of the Game” also brings references to ’80s movies. The design and the citations present in both these music videos are there to enforce their respective bands’ intentions: paying a tribute to a decade while at the same time bringing it to the present.
Stills & Concept Art