Stills & Concepts
Lobo was invited by the biennial electronic art festival Videobrasil to create an opening spot for their 16th edition, which discussed the convergence of art and the movies. The briefing mentioned as creative references the works of experimental filmmakers from Man Ray to Peter Greenaway, so we decided to focus on the early 20th century avant-garde B&W films that ventured to apply the principles of abstractionism to the new medium, exploring the possibilities of optical distortion and light reflections.

To stay true to this spirit we started with an analogical set-up, capturing several objects that were placed on a rotating platform in a dark room and expressionistically lighted with a single source. These objects were chosen for their shapes and reflective attributes, and ranged from metal pans to cheese grinders. The footage was then edited and received some slight digital treatment, with some distortion and particle effects added together with the type animation.
Stills & Concept Art
Creative Director
Mateus de Paula Santos
Chico Jofilsan
Head of Production
Loic Francois Marie Dubois
Design and Animation
Chico Jofilsan