Stills & Concepts
For the title sequence of this feature film by director Bruno Barreto, we worked in collaboration with Ricardo Van Steen from Tempo Design to create gags that worked in sequence and were connected forming a larger mini-narrative. The overall motif is greed, the same theme that drives the movie’s plot. It is represented by the voracious actions of several characters in pursuit of a black suitcase, a symbol present in the movie’s logo.

We tried to keep focus on the animation and the humor by simplifying the characters’ design, creating a very neutral, iconic style (i.e. without facial features). We purposely used several cartoon clichés, like exploding cigars and falling pianos, to play up the sort of perverse humor we were striving for, while also adding a few Brazilian/Latino cultural elements to throw in a little local flavor.
Stills & Concept Art