Stills & Concepts
n 2006 Nike’s Fitness division commissioned Lobo to create an in-store spot as part of the “Embrace” campaign. The main concept was “Embrace the Exotic”, and the inspirational material provided was based on Chinese engravings and mythology. We particularly liked the story of the Dragon and the Fenghuang, also known as the Chinese Phoenix, which are symbols of polar and seemingly opposite principles such as male/female, hot/cold, yin/yang etc.; and also of how they interconnect to achieve the balance represented by the Tajitu, the graphic symbol of Taoism.

Since the very nature of Yin-Yang is cyclic, we decided to base our animation on circular motions, and ultimately to devise a virtual system of rotating discs and diaphragms that supported the characters and other elements, and drove the animation forward in a mechanical way reminiscent of pre-cinema viewing devices.
Stills & Concept Art
Production Company
Creative Directors
Mateus de Paula Santos & Carlos Bêla
Head of Production
Loic François Marie Dubois
João Tenório
Design and Animation
Carlos Bêla, Raquel Falkenbach