Stills & Concepts
The film Brincante dives into the work of Antonio Nóbrega. This journey is conducted by two characters: João Sidurino and Rosalina - from the plays "Brincante" and "Segundas Histórias", made by Nóbrega and Rosane Almeida. Hybrid of fiction and documentary, Brincante shows an artist's path using the brazilian popular culture imaginarium creates a work that diversifies between theatre, music and dance. The film, directed by Walter Carvalho and produced by Gullane Filmes, with the support of Brincante Produções, was released in 2014 at the theatres.

Using Stop-motion and an art direction inspired in brazilian popular culture, Vetor Zero / Lobo created an opening sequence that represents that journey made by Antonio Nóbrega with elements that links the whole film together, in a winner animation of a iF Design Award 2015.
Stills & Concept Art
Production Company
Vetor Zero/Lobo
Executive Producers
André Rosa
Gabriel Nobrega
Animation Direction
Lee Peffer
Art Director
Diego Coutinho
Director of Scenography
Fabiana Fukui
Post Production
Lucas Barreto & Diego Coutinho