Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

Golden Shower "Total Control"

Having won the Best Electronic Music Video at MTV Brazil’s Video Music Awards the year before with “Video Computer System”, in 2001 Lobo resumed its partnership with electronic music duo Golden Shower for a new nostalgia-infused music video.

In “Total Control”, a slot car race turns into a huge epic. Four cars struggle for victory at any cost, be it fair or unfair.

The cars, the tracks and all the animation were done with Maya. But to move away from the traditional 3D appearance, animators went for a more cartoon-style look, with flat areas of color, few lighting effects and no surface treatment.

This “unrealistic” 3D appearance matched with the ’80s-style animated graphics, created with After Effects, with which the renders were composited later. Famous catchphrases and song titles were added with typeface treatment also reminiscent of that decade.

“Total Control” granted Golden Shower a second MTV Brazil nomination for Best Electronic Music Video at MTV Brazil’s 2001 Video Music Awards.

Direction and Design
Carlos Bêla & Mario Sader
2D Animation
Carlos Bêla, Mario Sader, Roger Marmo
3D Modeling and Animation
Alfredo Hisa, Guga Certain
Golden Shower