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Vetor Zero

Johnnie Walker "Striding Man – 110 Years"

Few brands in the world have an icon as famous and recognizable as Johnnie Walker. The “Striding Man”, as the dashing gentleman is known, was created by cartoonist Tom Browne in 1908 and has embellished the whiskey’s bottles and advertisements ever since.

To celebrate the character’s 110th birthday agency CP+B Brazil launched a campaign that includes, among other activations, a limited edition of 5 collectible bottle packagings. Each  references a specific year in Johnnie Walker’s history, and is decorated with an illustration that’s reminiscent of the era: 1908, inspired by Art Nouveau; 1929, with an oil painting finish; 1970, referencing Pop Art; 1996, combining analog video textures with digital artifacts; and 2018, displaying a clean, minimalistic design.

Vetor Zero/Lobo was invited to create an animated film showing Striding Man’s journey through those 5 periods, giving life and movement to the backgrounds and reinforcing the stylistic references from each epoch. To that end, we used various render styles and visual textures, as well as a soundtrack whose arrangement changes at each transition, covering traditional Scottish music, 1920s jazz, ‘70s rock, electronica etc. The animation was produced in 3D CG, projecting onto the models the 2D artwork created for the campaign.

Diogo Kalil
Mateus de Paula Santos
Executive Production
Alberto Lopes
Sérgio Salles
Account Management
Camila Carrieri
Thaís Lopes
Marcos Felix
Marcelo Souto
André Maciel
Marcio Guerra
Bruno Ronzani
2D Animation
Chan Tong
CG Coordinator
Marcos Samia
3D Modelling and Render Coordination
Cintia Miura
3D Modelling
Bruno Saber
Frederyco Martins
Marcel Fukuwara
Rodrigo Paulicchi
Marcos Samia
Julia Sampaio
Alexandre Marassa
Flavio Castello
Felipe Gimenes
3D Animation Coordinator
Leo Cadaval
3D Animation
Helio Takahashi
Marcio Nicolosi
Jorge Zagatto
Raphael Vinicius
Ronaldo Brito
Marcos Samia
Diogo Kalil
Caue Mendes
Leticia Blanco
Post Production Coordination
Clara Morelli
Gustavo Banevicius
Producer Assistant
Yasmin Uehara
Sound Design