Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

Stop Handgun Violence "3D Tragedies"

Stop Handgun Violence, a non-profit organization that works to reduce and prevent injuries and deaths caused by firearms in the USA, has launched a new public awareness campaign to drive home the dangers of 3D-printed guns.


Arnold agency created a bone-chilling script to help publicize the cause, and invited Lobo / Vetor Zero to bring it forth. In its harrowing 2 minutes we see a series of still 3D images of students holding backpacks and books as they enter their high school building. Those statuettes become increasingly anguished and frightened, making the viewer ask “What is this that I’m seeing? Why do these figurines have such strange expressions and poses?”


Shot after shot – kids climbing out windows, a teacher trying to barricade a classroom door – the situation becomes painfully clear: we’re witnessing a school shooting. The stillness of the compositions, the languidness of camera moves and the sober theatrical lighting make the effect even more disturbing, conveying the idea that those helpless children are trapped in that horrifying state indefinitely.


The CG models were created with the utmost realism, in order to simulate faithfully the coarse texture of 3D-printed objects. This unusual aesthetic choice is another unsettling factor at first, until the film reaches its conclusion and the viewer realizes we’re facing a new kind of threat: 3D-printed guns. And that organizations like Stop Handgun Violence need all the support they can get to pressure lawmakers to stem the flow of these dangerous and completely unregulated weapons.

Arnold Worldwide NY
Mateus de Paula Santos
Aron Matschulat Aguiar
Executive Producer
Luís Ribeiro
Post Coordination
Clara morelli
Rosangela Gomes
CG Director
Marcos Samia
Lighting and Render
Marcos Samia
Ale Barbosa
3D Modeling
Marcel Furukawa
Milton Dias
Comp Lead
Bruno Ferrari
José Ambrosio
Carlos Campos
Sound Studio
Studio Tesis