Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

Levi's "The Long Walk"

This spot originated from quite an ambitious proposition: to tell the history of Levi’s 501 jeans from its creation, during the California Gold Rush of the 1890s, until today, showing its connections with major political and cultural events of American and World History. All that in less than 2 minutes, and through a fun, entertaining language.

Since it was required that the pants were portrayed realistically, we chose the animation technique known as pixilation, in which an actor is photographed in studio while performing all the moves required by the story. The fact that we shot this part of the process over a green screen background allowed us to composite the material with elements and settings generated in 2D and 3D digital animation.

The spot was shown over the web, as part of a larger strategy devised by San Francisco agency Cutwater to freshen the brand’s image.

Creative Directors
Mateus de Paula Santos, Carlos Bêla
Chico Jofilsan e Gabriel Dietrich
Head of Production
Loïc François Marie Dubois
João Tenório
Carlos Bêla, Chico Jofilsan, Gabriel Dietrich, Roger Marmo
Art Direction
Gabriel Dietrich, Chico Jofilsan
Lead Animation
Gabriel Dietrich, Chico Jofilsan
Daniel Moretti, Vitor Cervi, Chico Jofilsan, Gabriel Dietrich
3D Team
Sergio Rocha, Michel Bidart, Olavo Chagas, Franck Falgueyrac, Chico Jofilsan, Luis Antônio Martins Elias
Nelson Aguilar
Sound Design
Paulo Beto