Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

General Electric "Água / Vscan"

The look of this spot was based on a series of illustrations created by Vetor Zero’s Print division in association with artist/designer Diogo Kalil, especially on the one about water recycling. From those pictures a richly animated world was created, displaying GE’s role in the process that brings water back to the community, to be reused in many situations like agriculture and leisure (but not for drinking).

At the outset we developed a storyboard exploring the theme, and once we approved it with agency and client we moved on to the first round of 3D modeling of the constituent elements of the illustrations, in order to put together an animatic.

After getting approval on this 3D animatic, we started giving the models their definitive appearance, applying textures and a render treatment to achieve the illustrative look. At the same time we were using 2D animation for the main characters.

The biggest challenge presented by this spot was to achieve a 3D render that looked exactly like the illustration for the print media, and to make the narrative and character behavior faithfully address a complex subject in accordance with the campaign’s message.

Almap BBDO
Creative Directors
Mateus de Paula Santos, Fabio Acorsi
Executive Producers
Alberto Lopes, Sérgio Salles
Account Manager
Roberta Reigado
Fabio Truci
Vetor Zero Print, Diogo Kalil
3D Coordination
Franck Falgueyrac
Olavo Chagas
Olavo Chagas, Rodrigo Gallardo, Franck Falgueyrac
Olavo Chagas, Alexandre Martins, Franck Falgueyrac
Olavo Chagas, Rodrigo Gallardo
Franck Falgueyrac
Hugo Takahashi, Fabio Acorsi
Supervisor Animation 2D
Hugo Takahashi
2D Animation
Jeferson Bastida