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Vetor Zero

Eisenbahn "Beauty of Process"

Check out the making of this film under Stills & Concept Art below!


Suno Creators and Vetor Zero/Lobo joined forces to once again bring the magic of stop motion animation to the Eisenbahn Brewery universe.


Faithful to the artisanal spirit of the brand, the film titled “Beauty of the Process” was directed by Gabriel Nóbrega and produced entirely by hand, combining live action, practical effects and frame-by-frame animation. It follows the journey of a miniature steam engine, the symbol of the brand, through a whimsical version of the brewery, carrying the hops, wheat and barley that will become a tasty Eisenbahn Pilsner in the end.


The train alternates sequences where its movement was captured in real time and others in which it was animated in stop motion – some of which took up to 12 hours to be recorded. The  locomotive headlights needed to stay on for hours on end without varying brightness, which required extensive testing with several models of LEDs and batteries and the maximum use of the internal space of the model, which measures 15 cm in length by 7.5 cm in height.


During the journey the railway becomes a genuine roller coaster, with breathtaking climbs and falls, even passing through a tunnel amid a swirl of beer. This whole scenario was meticulously built in our studio, as a massive 1:55 scale model. Each detail was carefully assembled and placed by hand, including the wheat branches: 18,000 units were used in 4 different sizes. Each branch was manually fixed to the stage, covering approximately 5.8 square meters.


In the construction of the roller coaster, 150 meters of metal bars and 200 meters of wooden rods were used. The rails were made of laser-cut MDF, with about 800 dark wood ties, 250 of which contained built-in neodymium magnets for controlling the movement of the train on the downward sections.


In order to shoot the scene where the train goes through a water pipe, a huge apparatus was built, approximately 5 meters long, which required 4 people operating. The camera went up a track 45 degrees from the ground while rotating on an axis, as water pumps pushed hundreds of liters into the device.


Due to the pandemic, a series of measures were taken to reduce the chances of contagion among the production team. The pre-production period was extended so that each team could complete its assignment before the next team started coming into the studio. These groups were composed of people from the same family, in order to avoid their contact with third parties. And at the end of every day the studio and objects were thoroughly cleaned for the next morning.


Gabriel Nobrega
Executive Production
Francisco Puech Leão
Alberto Lopes
Sérgio Salles
Assistant Director
Beto Maldonado
Lucas Andres Barreto
Art Director
Marcos Gardonyi Carvalheiro
Project Management
Thaís Lopes
Márcia Guimarães
Line Producers
Eduardo Silva
Ricardo Vaz
Post Coordination
Clara Morelli
Rosangela Gomes
Stop Motion Crew Coordinator
Bianca Viani
Gabriel Nóbrega
Art Director and Set Design: Stop Motion/Miniatures
Fabiana Fukui
Borys Duque
Art Assistant
Michelle Chuang
Ani Valentim
Pedro Pinho
Roller Coaster SketchUp Project
Carmem Guerra
Train Miniature Builders
Leonardo Muela
Ricardo Argenton
Rigs: Stop Motion/Miniature
Leonardo Muela
Ricardo Argenton
Nidin Sanches
Art: Stop Motion/Miniature
Fabiana Fukui
Borys Duque
Lua Nucci
Assist. Animator and Motion control | Making Of
Nidin Sanches  
Assistant Executive Producer
Marcelo Abrahão Jacob
Practical FX
Shiyozi Izuno Filho
Julio Aires Sobrinho
Set Technician
Aldacir Alberto Leonarchik
Camera Operator
Renato da Silva Fonseca Leitão
Objects Producer
Ana Paula Cordeiro Braga
Juliana Freire Prysthon
Ana Lúcia Valentim
Ronaldo da Cunha Teixeira
José Antonio Taffe
Camera Equipment Operator
Daniel Francisco dos Santos
Assist. Post Coordination
Bruna Boretto
Marcos Samia
Márcio Nicolosi
Eduardo Silva
3D Coordinator
Marcos Samia
Cristiane Santos
Marcos Smirkoff
Guto Sposito
Felipe Ferreira
Felipe Ferreira
Marcos Samia
Gabriel Reid
Lucas Stringhetti
Color Grading
Leticia Blanco
Comp Head
Leandro Pena
Carlos Campos
Nara Andrade
Rodrigo Silva
Leonardo Augusto da Silva
Diego Ruiz
Gassan Abduni
Sound Production Company
DaHouse Audio