Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

Fiat "Rain"

Created by Leo Burnett Brasil, the spot celebrates Fiat’s sales leadership in Brasil for the ninth year. The New Uno – chosen Car Of The Year – leads the spot, in which rounded cubes inspired by Uno’s design theme rain throughout the city, colouring it.

The two-day shoot took place in several spots around São Paulo city, using a mix of professional actores and non-actors as a means to represent the diversity of colors that is a strong characteristic of the Brazilian demographics, while narrating the story from a human standpoint.

The cubes were entirely created in CG, using complex animation dynamics to make them keep their shape while looking like rain. The compositing of the colorful CG on top of b&w cinematography creates an interesting visual contrast and still integrates the CG harmoniously with the live-action footage.

Striking the right balance between impact and rebound for the cars falling fro the sky was one of the main challenges of the project, as it needed be conving and interesting at the same time. At the ending, the only orange cube thus far brings the Uno Sport, the newest addition to the Fiat Uno’s family.

Leo Burnett Brasil
Nando Cohen, Mateus de Paula Santos, João Tenório
Executive Production
Alberto Lopes, Sergio Salles
Lito Mendes da Rocha
Art Director
Marcelo Reginato
Vinicius Martins
CG Director
Cleverson Leal
Head of Production
Andre Rosa
Account Management
Roberta Reigado
Post Production
Vetor Zero / Lobo
Fred Palacio, Helio Takahashi, Rafael Martinez, Danilo Enoki
Richard Maegaki
Cleverson Leal, Danilo Enoki, Rafael Martinez
Igor Colaicovo, Tiago Dias
Cleverson Leal, Tiago Dias
Marcos Smirkof
Additional Modeling
Fred Palacio, Danilo Enoki, Rafael Martinez
Danilo Enoki, Rafael Martinez, Felipe Mattos
Rotoscopy 3D
Danilo Enoki, Fred Palacio, Felipe Matto
Rotoscopy 2D
Gassan Abdouni, Marcio