Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

Vauxhall "Cinderella"

Everybody knows the classic tale of Cinderella. But has anyone wondered how this story would sound like told backwards? It would start with a beautiful princess in a castle as she gets the news that her handsome husband, the prince, wants to divorce her. After having her glass slippers taken off her feet, Cinderella finds herself leaving a big party in a carriage that turns into a pumpkin. The horses then turn into mice, the fairy godmother disappears, and her beautiful dress is replaced by soot-stained rags. In the end, Cinderella is made to work in a kitchen where her stepmother and stepsisters spend all day being horrible to her.


This fairy-tale-turned-tragic-story is used by Vauxhall Motors to highlight that the Astra Ultimate comes with reverse camera as standard. After all, as the voiceover sums up in the end, “things can end badly backwards”.


Vetor Zero brought this tale to life in an exuberantly-looking piece of 3D animation, done in a style that resembles stop motion made with puppets, with a lot of care dedicated to simulate real miniature dresses, settings and props.

Gabriel Nóbrega
Velocity, part of McCann Worldgroup
Executive Producer
Alberto Lopes
Sérgio Salles
Francisco Puech
Project Management
Fernanda Germek
Márcia Guimarães
Ricardo Vaz
Eduardo Silva
Art Director
Felipe Jornada
Animation Director / Stop Motion Animator
Lee Peffer
Lucas Barreto
CG Supervision
Maurício Lobel
Art Coordination / Set Supervision
Fabiana Fukui
3D Animatic
Rudi Gudi
Felipe Jornada
Yeti / Hair
Marcelo Paskoa da Costa
Rafael Chiavegatti
Gassan Abdouni
Diego Ruiz
After Effects
Denis Milani Adriano
Look Dev/Render
Thiago Peretto
3D Animation
Daniel Bahia
Animation Lead
Jerome Saravá
Riggin Lead
Leo Cardaval
Henrique Ribeiro
Letícia Blanco
Set Design
Borys Marques de Castro
Fabiana Fukui
Set Design Assistant
Nalia de Alcantara Vaz
Ligia Mie Jeon
José Paulo da Silva
Line Producer
Themistocles José da Silva Neto