Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

Unicef "Kids Need Protecting"

Kids are natural-born daredevils. With no fear and no sense of danger, they boldly face up to the most perilous obstacles and challenges they can find around their little world: tall shelves, kitchen drawers full of knives, electrical outlets. We can child-proof the entire house to protect them against those visible menaces, but what about the invisible ones?


That’s where vaccines come in. And to let people know of the importance of vaccinating their kids, Unicef teamed up with RPA agency and Lobo / Vetor Zero to create this film, titled “Evel Kidievels” in an homage to the legendary 1970s daredevil. /


Done in an illustrated storybook style, each scene show a different kid on the verge of getting themselves in serious trouble involving swimming pools, vicious dogs and cupboards full of toxic chemicals. The situations come one after another by flipping the page, like in an actual storybook.

Mateus de Paula Santos
Diogo Kalil
Executive Producer
Luis Ribeiro
Project Management
Su Constantine
Art Director / Ilustrations
Felipe Jornada
Animation Director
Diogo Kalil
Lucas Barreto
Aron Aguiar
Larissa Zazula
Fernanda Oliver
Character Animation
Anderson Omori
Clean up / Animation Assistant
Julia Goes
Lucas Gerosa
Michel Venus
3D Animation
Jannaina Bonacelli
Marcio Nicolosi
Raphael Vinicius
Ronaldo Brito
Comp Coordinator
Carlos Campos
Bruno Ronzani
Felipe Silva
Rodrigo Silva
3D Coordinator / Render
Leo Cadaval
Felipe Bauer
Post Coordinator
Helena Jardim
Rosangela Gomes
Clara Morelli
Production Design / Stop Motion
Fabiana Fukui
Lee Peefer
Michelle Chuang
Léo Rezende
Lucas Lira
Rodrigo Reis
Frederyco Martins
Felipe Bassi
Modeling Assistant
Milton Dias
Cristiana Chaib