Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

Petrobras "Diesel S-50"

Born of an investment of more than US$ 9 billion by Brazilian energy corporation Petrobras, the S50 diesel is a new type of fuel that marries reduced sulphur emissions with increased engine protection, reducing maintenance costs.

To advertise the fact that the S50 is now available throughout the whole country, Quê agency created a campaign comprising print ads, communication targeted towards truck drivers, and a commercial spot produced by Vetor Zero/Lobo.

The film shows a truck that transforms into various kinds of cargo transport, along with a background that also changes into different settings, including farmland, urban areas, ports etc.

The technique employed to represent these transformations is a CGI simulation of the procedure known as projection mapping, where images are projected in a way that fits the contours of volumetric surfaces.

Quê Comunicação
Creative Directors
Mateus de Paula Santos, Nando Cohen
Executive Producers
Alberto Lopes, Sérgio Salles
Account Manager
Roberta Reigado
Fabio Truci
Director of Live
Coi Beluzzo
Director of Photography
Helcio Alemão Nagamine
Head of Production
André Rosa
CG Director
Cleverson Leal
3D Coordination
Cristiane Santos
Danilo Enoki, Marcos Smirkof
Danilo Enoki, Renan Ambrosio
Flávio Bernardes de Paula
Felipe Matos
José Eduardo Ambrosio
Guilherme Sarinho
Gassan Abdouni
Flame Artist
Carlos Campos
Sound Design
A9 Audio