Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

C&A "Elvis"

Bringing back to life the greatest rock icon ever to live. And not only rescue him from above, but put him to dance, play guitar and kiss beautiful girls. We didn’t called upon a Ouija board: Elvis Presley was reborn only in a digital world. For Valentine’s Day C & A campaign, Presley’s eternal romanticism is what packs hearts in love.

First of all, we had to choose a movie where a young Elvis appeared playful in a party full of beautiful girls. It wasn’t difficult, after all this was the motto of most of his films. The thing is, this film needed to have ample footage to keep further transitions imperceptible. Within this requirement, after much research, the film was finally chosen. Now it was time to ‘recreate’ the scenes to capture the live action with real life models – everything done on the original selected fragments – and film thinking that Elvis Presley should be there. All scenes direction was made having in mind the post production, where the image of the singer would be included.

Giving life to Elvis was a combination of original scenes with snippets of an old movie and digitally reconstructed facial expressions. Finally, Elvis appears once again showing why his voice and his blue eyes are timeless and irresistible – perfect to win over audiences on this Valentine’s Day.

Executive Producers
Alberto Lopes, Sérgio Salles
Creative Directors
Mateus de Paula Santos, Nando Cohen
Account Management
Márcia Guimarães
3D Coordinator
Fábio Truci
Guilherme Sarinho
Zé Eduardo Ambrosio
Roger Marmo
Eduardo Monte Alegre, Gassan Abdouni, Naiara Lima
Assistant Director
Beto Maldonado
Director of Photography
Lito Mendes da Rocha
Art Director
Marcelo Reginato
Sound Design
Felipe Vassão
Paulinho Ribeiro