Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

Colgate "Natural Extracts"

Felipe Machado and Tiago Marcondes, a.k.a. the Alton duo, directed this series of spots for Colgate’s new Natural Extracts line of toothpastes.


Inspired by traditional Asian dental hygiene methods, the product incorporates natural ingredients like sea salt, charcoal and essential lemon oils in their composition.


Because of this emphasis on the natural, additive-free aspects of the product the campaign adopted a handcrafted, DIY look and feel. The visual elements were animated frame-by-frame by hand, including the packshot and tagline, with as little digital post-production as possible.

Red Fuse Paris
Executive Production
Luis Ribeiro
Account Management
Fernanda Germek
Global Head of Production
Loic Bubois
Diego Denardi
Assistant Producer
Yasmim Uehara
Lead Compositing
Carlos Campos
Rodrigo Vec
Renato Trip
Aline Sanches
Gassan Abdouni
Diego Ruiz
Post Production
Maurício Reis
Estevão Santos
Color Grading
Letícia Blanco
Type Designer
Márcio Guerra
Post Producers
Clara Morelli
Helena Jardim