Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

Yoki "Bonfire"

Fire is one of the major symbols of the traditional Brazilian Midwinter festival, known as “Festa Junina” (June Festival). It’s present in the celebratory bonfires, fireworks and in the magic that transforms the ingredients produced for more than 25 years by Yoki Foods – such as corn, peanuts and potatoes – into the typical delicacies of the season.

Crispin Porter+Bogusky Brazil and Vetor Zero joined forces to consolidate the Yoki brand as the “Ambassador for the June Festival” in a poetic, touching way. The film titled “Bonfire” tells a love story between the spirit of Fire and a country girl that embodies the Festival itself. Fire is first seen as a lonely, sad creature, incapable of interacting with any object without making it go up in flames. Suddenly, he meets June Festival and finds a reason for being, by filling the celebration with light, warmth and flavor.

The film was made entirely in 3D animation, with a playful, tactile visual language that simulates wooden puppets, paying tribute to the folkloric roots of the June Festival.

Nando Cohen; Mateus de Paula
Executive Production
Sérgio Salles; Alberto Lopes; Francisco Puech
Project Management
Camila Carrieri; Márcia Guimarães
FX Supervision
Fabio Shigemura
Line Producer
Maísa Mendonça
Director of Photography
Lucas Andres Barreto
Set Designer
Fabiana Fukui
Stop Motion
Lee Peffer
Antonio Soares Neto; Isabela Littger; Wilson Panassi
Modelling Lead
Guto Sposito
Marcel Fukuwara; Milton Dias; Natan Zuanaci; Daniel Adami; Bruno Coimbra
Animation Coordinator
Leonardo Cadaval
Animation Lead
Marcio Nicolosi
Rodrigo Souza; Bruno Carias; Jannaina Bonacelli; Daniel Alvite; Vitor Diniz; Ronaldo Brito; Daniel Vasconcelos; Daniel Cavalcante; Andrea Delfino; Jonathan Edward; Michel Maron; Ze Alexandre
Marinho Silva; Marcio Gomes
Naiara Lima
Flavio Castello; Viviane Adade; Alexandre Marassá; Felipe Gimenes
Lucas Kazakevicius
2D Animation
Chan Tong
Guilherme Sarinho; Carlos Campos
Director of Production
Dudu Miranda
Motion Control
Andre de Souza
1st Camera Assistant
Christian Soares
Production Assistant
Gustavo Gouvea
Borys Duque Michele Chuang
Hugo Nyerges
Gaffer Assistance
Ailton Hipolito; João Ferreira Neto; Valdimar Medeiros
Sound Designer
Paulo Beto