Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

Chobani "Impact"

Our successful run of commercials for Greek yougurt brand Chobani continues. This time we’ve helped them create a different kind of piece, one that does not advertise a specific product, but the company’s own values.

Chobani is a brand that is very conscious and upfront about its impact on society and the environment. To let the public know more about where it has come from and where it’s headed, the company released an Impact Report – and commissioned from Lobo a companion film that offers a poetic counterpart to the more data-centric bulletin.

Up to this point, all of the films we’ve produced for Chobani have been mixed-technique tour de forces, combining live action, miniature sets, stop motion, CGI, you name it. This time, however, it was decided to take a completely different route and go all-in on 2D animation.

Taking inspiration from Chobani’s brand-identity artwork, composed mostly of delicate, colorful hand-painted illustrations, we’ve brought to life an idyllic journey showing how the act of giving is the first step into making universal wellness happen sooner. The 1:40 film combines vector illustration with natural textures and a color palette at the same time earthy and vibrant, enhancing the warm, caring and optimistic tone of the message.

Production Company
Lobo / Vetor Zero
Chobani Creative
Mateus de Paula Santos
Fábio Acorsi
Executive Producer
Luis Ribeiro
Project Management
Carol Duarte
Head of Post Production
Clara Morelli
Rosangela Gomes
Animation Coordinators
Anderson Omori
Fábio Acorsi
Line Producers
Karen de Moura
Priscila Benatti
William Santiago
Arthur Duarte
Bruno H. Costa
Fábio Acorsi
2D Animation
Anderson Omori
Chan Tong
Paulo Passaro
Michel Vênus
Francisco de Assis
Bruno Curcino
Bruno H. Costa
Comp Leads
Estevão Santos
Francisco Beraldo 
André Finhana
Bruno Ronzani
Estevão Santos
Fabio Acorsi
Francisco Beraldo
Julia Góes Sampaio
Ricardo Filomeno