Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

Volkswagen "Lendas"

For the launch of the new Volkswagen Spacecross campaign, Vetor Zero / Lobo and Almap BBDO created two spots based on the tagline: “Any adventure you can imagine fits inside a Spacecross”. Starting with this concept, the adventures we chose to interpret originate from Brazilian folklore, starring two of its more popular apparitions: the Saci (an imp-like trickster) and the Mula-Sem-Cabeça (Portuguese for “Headless Mule”).

Each spot tells the legends surrounding one of these supernatural entities, known for their mischievous and destructive character, showing how a regular person is no match for their otherworldly powers. But amid this nightmarish scenario emerges the Spacecross, the only one capable of facing up to both creatures.

Along with the apocalyptic look of the spots, the sense of mystery and chaos is heightened by the voice-over by João Gordo, a veteran punk rocker and icon of Brazilian underground culture.

Creative Directors
Mateus de Paula Santos & Cadu Macedo
Executive Producers
Alberto Lopes, Sergio Salles
Account Management
Roberta Reigado
Fábio Truci
Animation Director
Cadu Macedo
João Lavieri
Cadu Macedo, João Lavieri
Marcos Smirkoff
Sergio Rocha, Franck Falgueyrack
Cadu Macedo, Flavio de Paula, Francisco Beraldo
Bruno Ferrari, Flavio de Paula, Francisco Beraldo
Sound Design
João Gordo