Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

Porter Airlines "Mascot"

The grace and elegance of the Canadian airline company mascot “Porter” drove the movie concept created by Winkreative and Vetor Zero / Lobo. Based on print ads, the films have an 1960s scent, the advertising golden age design with its linear colors, geometric shapes and minimal assembly.

First, and most important, was to adapt the character from 2D to 3D animation without losing the design’s smoothness and still give him an engaging personality, which worked with the proposed ambiance. The raccoon’s movements were calculated to be agile and witty -­‐ inspired by classic James Bond movies -­‐ after all, the mascot naturally wears a tuxedo.

All of the 03 films were created to emphasize the quality of services offered by the company. The idea was to make the most minimalist aesthetic, creating dynamic and fast transitions. Everything should follow the narrative of the voiceover. Therefore, editing the film received extra attention to convey the ‘fast’ story telling and still be visually appealing. The first film, Toronto, highlights the unique proximity from Toronto’s downtown to Porter’s airport. The character finds no bother for his trip to happen. Besides this, the airport environment is full of easeandcomfort. In the second film, entitled Business, the animation trails a transition pace where the racoon makes no effort to reach his destination: all he needs will be provided by Porter to make his trip comfortable and agile. In the movie Services we have some kind of a vision: The raccoon emerges within a fantasy, visualizing what would be an ideal airline, experiencing the maximum quality of services offered. Of course, he sees himself traveling with Porter.”

Production Company
RSA / The Ebeling Group
Executive Producers
Mick Ebeling, Melody Sylvester
Senior Producer
Sue Lee
Diane Chan
Creative Director
Mateus de Paula Santos
Rodrigo Ribeiro
Head of Production
Loic François Marie Dubois
CG Supervisor
Fabio Shigemura, Alexandre Eschenbach, Olavo Chagas
Fabio Shigemura, Alexandre Eschenbach, Olavo Chagas
Filipe Lopes, Rafael Martinez, Daniel Ho, Rafael Martinez, Alexandre Eschenbach,
Richard Kazuo Maegaki, Aline Lima
Lead Animator
Helio Takahashi
Jason Tadeu de Oliveira, Ivan Oviedo, Alexandre Martins, Marcio Nicolosi
Flame Artist
Guilherme Sarinho
Storyboard Artists
Michelangelo, Marcos Felix
Post Facility
Framestore, London UK
Sound Design
Paulo Beto