Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

CCSP "Mitochondria"

São Paulo Creative Club decided to extend the deadline for entries in its 38th Annual. To inform of the new date and to call on all creatives to submit their work, Borghi/Lowe agency created a dark-humored spot that touches upon a primordial fear in the heart of the modern human being: the feeling of having led an empty, meaningless existence.

Along more than 2 minutes of animation we follow the musings of the nameless character, a middle-aged man who upon sensing the approach of death starts reminiscing about various ordinary moments of his uneventful life – and wishes he had a second chance, one in which he could do everything differently, leading a simpler, shallower life. This possibility presents itself as the character finally passes way and reincarnates, but the shape in which he returns to life is not exactly what he expected… The final message of the spot urges the viewer not to miss an opportunity to put on record the good things he did in life, by submitting his work to the CCSP Annual.

In line with the somber tone of the script, the 2D animation directed by Pavão and Thiago Martins was produced in black and white, receiving a distressed, worn-out treatment full of dust and scratches that further enhances the gloomy feel. On the other hand, the character design is very stylized and humorous, counterbalancing the ominous concept.

Pavão e Thiago Martins (Estricnina)
Executive Production
Alberto Lopes & Sérgio Salles
Account Management
Roberta Reigado
Gabriela Milanez
Sound Design
Anvilfx/YB Music