Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

5 Star "Chocolate World"

Sometimes it takes a catastrophe to shake things up a little bit. A sweet, creamy catastrophe.

That’s what happens in this series of spots we produced for Lacta’s 5Star chocolate bars. They take the viewer to a world made entirely of plain chocolate, where plain chocolate people lead their plain chocolate lives. That is, until the place is hit by a massive shower of gigantic, crunchy biscuit bits that crash through everything in their path and cause the ground to split open, releasing torrents of smooth caramel gushing through the streets.

In the end we reveal that all this mayhem is taking place inside a 5Star bar. That’s where chocolate, caramel and biscuit meet to create a deliciously unexpected gustatory experience.

Full of moments of pure anarchy and dark humor, these spots were done in CG animation, with the greatest care taken to reproduce the natural textures of chocolate and other ingredients. The biggest challenge was in portraying the exact look and feel of the biscuit bits: we looked at 5Star print ads for reference and ended up photographing the actual product with macro lenses, in order to capture the true essence of their crunchiness. This attention to detail ensured that everything in this world of chocolate had all the appetite appeal of the real thing.

Wieden + Kennedy
Mateus de Paula Santos
Nando Cohen
Executive Production
Alberto Lopes
Sérgio Salles
Account Management
Thaís Lopes
Márcia Guimarães
Storyboard & Animatic
Marcos Felix Llussá
Wilson F N Panassi
Tony Soares
Chan Tong
Marcos Felix Llussá
Wilson F N Panassi
Marcelo Souto
Fernanda Oliver
Alexandre Eschenbach
Márcio Guerra
Technical Direction
Maurício Löbel
3D Team Coordination
Cintia Miura
Animation & Rigging Coordination
Leo Cadaval
Bruno Saber
Lucas Lira
Guto Sposito
Marcos Smirkoff
Leonardo Rezende
Felipe Bassi
Duda Rodrigues
Natan Zuanaci
Bruno Saber
Lucas Lira
Natan Zuanaci
Marinho Silva
Flávio Castello
Alexandre Cabral
Felipe Gimenes
Stephanie Kajimoto
Daniel "Bahia" Figueirêdo
Victor Diniz
Raphael Vinicius Silva
Jorge Zagatto
Daniel Alvite
Lucas Stringhetti
Gabriel Tavolaro
Christye Lira
Marinho Silva
George Damiani
Maurício Löbel
Color Correction
Letícia Blanco
2D Animation
Felipe Silva, Estevão Santos
Herbert Gondo Tachibana
Line Producer
Priscila Conde
Post Production Coordination
Clara Morelli
Team Coordination
Michelle Vinotti, Helena Jardim
Animation & Rigging Coordination
Leo Cadaval
Evil Twin