Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

Fiat "New Times"

“New Times” is a TV spot created by Leo Burnett São Paulo for the launch of the Fiat 500 in the Brazilian market. This model was originally produced in the 1960s, and returns now with updated technology and design.

The initial idea for the spot referenced the time of the model’s original run, the 1960s, through a “new agey” treatment, employing an assortment of oriental mystic symbols. We soon realized that this concept would result too old-fashioned and psychedelic, so we opted for a change of course towards a more contemporary direction, with a utopic and optimistic spirit that also allowed for some comical touches.

On the other hand, this new orientation led to increased technical challenges in the spot’s production, since it demanded a more naturalistic 3D treatment. Especially tricky were the hairy creatures working the car wash, as is the norm with 3D fur simulation. The spot took 3 weeks of planning and 5 weeks of production, involving over 40 people. It first aired in Brazilian TV in october 2009.

Leo Burnett
Creative Directors
Cadu Macedo, Mateus de Paula Santos
Executive Producer
Alberto Lopes
Loic François Marie Dubois
Account Manager
Roberta Reigado
3D Coordinator
Cristiane Santos
Cadu Macedo, Libero Mallavoglia
Fred Palacio, Ernesto Issamu Tani, Manuel A. Dischinger Moura
Matte Paintings
Fred Palacio, André Leão
Danilo Enoki, Daniel Ho, Filipe Lopes, Guga Certain, Vanderlei Zatalon Jr., Marcos Smirkoff
Olavo Chagas, Filipe Lopes
Helio Takahashi, Alexandre Martins, Adrianus Cafeu, Jason Tadeu de Oliveira
Rogerio Miyagi, Richard Maegaki, Vanderlei Zatalon Jr.
Cloud and Fluid Effects
Alceu Baptistão, Cristian Lucas
Fur Specialist
Olavo Chagas
Mauricio L. Trivellin, Tiago Dias, Igor Colaiacovo, Marcos Smirkoff, Olavo Chagas
Composition and Post Effects
Cadu Macedo
3D Supervisor
Fabio Shigemura
Sound Design
Tentáculo (sob licença EMI - Sony Music)
Ed Côrtes
Marcelo Campos
Lennon & McCartney