Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

Rede Globo "The Stone of the Kingdom"

Vetor Zero did the opening and closing sequences, bumpers and all the SFX for the much anticipated TV adaptation of prominent Brazilian writer Ariano Suassuna’s epic saga. With over 700 pages (and 10 years in the making), it is set in the semi-arid northeastern region of Brazil.

Adapted into a TV micro-series of 5 episodes by Luiz Fernando Carvalho, the project was a very large one for Brazilian standards, even it being a product of Globo Networks, the biggest television network in Latin America, also the third biggest TV channel in the world, watched by 80 million people daily.

The main inspiration for all the visual elements comes from the Armorial, an artistic movement which had Suassuna as one of its founding members, that intended to create deeply erudite artistic work from elements of popular culture of the Brazilian northeast. Other references include medieval elements (navigation and astronomical instruments, wardrobe), both of European and Moorish origins, and popular Brazilian woodcuts.

Creative Director
Mateus de Paula Santos & Carlos Bêla
Head of Production
Loic François Lima Dubois
João Tenório
Design and Animation
Carlos Bêla