Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

Liverpool "Santa’s Gift"

This spot was created by AM Alvarado Molina for Liverpool, one of the biggest chains of department stores in Mexico. Planned to air before Christmas 2011, “Regalo de Santa” (in English: “Santa’s Gift”) is a 3-minute epic created entirely in 3D animation. It stars Bolo, the teddy bear mascot of the store, who together with his friends comes up with a plan to give Santa Claus the most memorable Christmas gift: a collection of smiles from children all over the world.

The concept of the film also included an interactive initiative through the website, where children could sign up and upload a picture of themselves smiling. This picture would afterwards be inserted in the Internet version of the spot, and on December 25th the kids who contributed their photos received a thank-you e-mail from Santa.

Vetor Zero took approximately 4 months to produce this spot. The main characters, Bolo and Santa Claus, had 3D models provided by the client, but their finishing look was redone from scratch by Vetor, which included textures, hair, fur etc., using a new rendering system called Arnold. As to the other characters present in the film, they were all developed by us.

AM Alvarado Molina
Guto Terni, Gabriel Nobrega
Executive Producer
Alberto Lopes, Luiz Carlos Reis
CG Supervisor
Guilherme Rizzo
Art Direction
Eduardo Schaal
Art Concepts / Set Design
Marcelo Souto Virches, Eduardo Schaal
Character Design
Manuel Augusto Dischinger, Chico Sanches
Costume concepts
Fernando PQ, Marcos Llussa
Marcelo Souto, Hugo Takahashi
Renan Teixeira, Carlos Estevão, Jannaina Bonacelli
Jason Tadeu, Ivan Olviedo, Alexandre Martins, Márcio Nicolosi, Guilherme Gubbert, Adrianus Cafeu, Marco A. Trandafilov, Vagner Dias
Textures / Matte Painting
Eduardo Schaal, Dalton Muniz, Ricardo Riamonde
Alex Liki, Bruno Saber, Filipe Lopez, Danilo Enoki, Rafael Ghencev, Rafael Martinez, Rafael Segnini, Luiz Elias
Aline Lima, Richard Maegaki, Viviane Adade
Guilherme Rizzo, Marinho Pereira da Silva, Mauricio Pirilo, Roberto Maki
Additional Shading
Tiago Dias
Fur / Hair lookdev
Guilherme Rizzo, Ricardo Riamonde
Particle / Fluid fx
Christian Lucas, Guilherme Rizzo
Ocean Fx
Eduardo Schaal
Asset / Render programming
Giovani Meneghel, Paulo Nogueira, Paulo Tafarello
Guilherme Ferreirinha, Maísa Ribeiro Mendonça, Rafael Martinelli
Carlos Campos