Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

Peugeot "Tennis Match"

To promote de launch of the turbo version of Peugeot’s 308 model, Y&R agency brought back to the court tennis champ Gustavo “Guga” Kuerten, ambassador of the line since its arrival in Brazil. The campaign highlights the sporty design and high performance of the model, by drawing a parallel to tennis in the way that both are characterized by strength, agility and power.

The spot shows Guga at the wheel of a 308 Feline THP, playing a tennis match against a robotic ball launcher with an attitude. Despite its best efforts, the machine sees all its serves getting hit back by the player, who thanks to the car’s performance always reaches the ball in time. At the end of the spot the robot displays a lack of fair play when it refuses to shake hands with the winner.

Produced by Vetor Zero/Lobo, the commercial was shot on the roof of one of the towers of the WTC business complex in São Paulo. The production team built a tennis court 2.5 times larger than the regular size, hauling up 10 tons of gray clay to the top of the building, besides the car and all filming equipment. All driving maneuvers were performed live by test pilots, while the robot was modeled and animated in 3D CGI.

Mateus de Paula Santos, Nando Cohen
Executive Producer
Alberto Lopes, Sérgio Salles
Account Management
Márcia Guimarães
Lito Mendes da Rocha
Poliana Martins
Sound Design