Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

Coca-Cola "Rules of Christmas"

2018 was a significant year for Coca-Cola’s iconic polar bears, for they celebrated their 25th anniversary as stars of the brand’s TV commercials (the polar bear presence in Coca-Cola print ads dates much further back to 1922).


To commemorate the event David The Agency and Vetor Zero created a very special film, showing the polar bear family gathering together for a lovely Christmas dinner. To make this moment even cozier we expanded the characters’ visual universe by giving them a proper house, which hadn’t been done in any of the previous campaigns. Full of evocative details that bring back memories of our grandmothers’ houses, this setting contributes to the feeling of familiarity and warmth conveyed by the film, which was directed by the Alton duo (Felipe Machado and Tiago Marcondes) and produced entirely in 3D animation.


To depict an authentic family scene, filled with intimacy and spontaneity, a crucial factor is camerawork. However, one of the biggest challenges in 3D animation is simulating this “handheld camera” effect in a convincing way.


We worked this issue out by employing a bold technological solution: after being modeled and animated, the scenes were brought into a VR environment. Using a Unity software we wrote especially for this project we were able to animate the virtual cameras manually, as if we were participating in that magical moment with the bear family. This method resulted in a highly realistic camerawork, ensuring the natural, unaffected tone we wanted to communicate.

Executive Production
Alberto Lopes
Sérgio Salles
Account Management
Fernanda Germek
Márcia Guiarães
Eduardo Silva
Ricardo Vaz
VR Camera Software Engeneering
Wiliam Queen
3D Leads
Fabio Shigemura
Alceu Baptistão
Christo Silveira
Katan Walker
Christo Silveira
Animatic & Color Script
Tiago Hoisel
Bears Modellers
Guto Sposito
Marcel Fukuwara
Props Modellers
Felipe Bassi
Victor Hugo Souza
Adam Pierre
Marcos Correia de Almeida
Leo Rezende
Animation Coordinator
Leonardo Cadaval
Animation Lead
Márcio Nicolosi
3D Animators
Jonanthan Edward
Eder Cardoso
Daniel Bahia
Stephanie Kajimoto
Jonanthan Bento
Vitor Poli
Jerome Saravas
Ze Alexandre
Igor Colaiacovo
Thiago Peretto de Souza
Maurício Trivelin
Flavio Castello
Felipe Gimenes
Lucas Magalhães
Leandro Pena
Agency Managing director
Sylvia Panico
Creative VP
Rafael Donato
Creative Director
Edgard Gianesi
Lucas Silva
Fernanda Machado
Art Direction
Fabio Natan
Christiano Vellutini
Agency Producers
Fabiano Beraldo
Fernanda Peixoto
Gustavo Viola
Account Executives - Agency
Carolina Vieira
Stefane Rosa
Cacá Franklin
Fernanda Feldmann
Camila Coelho
Pedro Zetune
Giovana Zanfelice