Vetor Zero

Vetor Zero

Eisenbahn "All Aboard"

Founded in 2002, Eisenbahn brewery is one of the brands responsible for introducing different styles of beer to the Brazilian public, which up until recently knew only of Pilsners. The new campaign devised by Suno Creators aims to expand the brand’s reach to a broader public, presenting is four varieties in a didactic, playful way.


The main piece of the campaign is a film produced by Vetor Zero, directed by Mateus de Paula Santos, Nando Cohen and the Alton duo, that shows the brand’s icon, a locomotive (“eisenbahn” is German for “railroad”) jumping out of the bottle’s label and taking the viewer to a trip through its lineup: Pilsner, Weizenbier, Pale Ale and American IPA.


In accordance to the spirit of “craft” that remains at the basis of the brand’s philosophy, the film was produced with a combination of live action and a variety of handmade animation techniques, such as stop motion, pixilation, page-flipping, picture-stacking etc. The process involved building an entire bar in studio, printing every frame of animated sequences in cardboard, and other practical feats.


The spot’s soundtrack is the classic Iggy Pop tune “The Passenger”, which is perfectly fitting not only for its lyrical content but also for being written during a train ride around Berlin in the late ‘70s.

Nando Cohen
Mateus de Paula Santos
Suno Creators
Executive Production
Alberto Lopes
Sérgio Salles
Francisco Puech
Director of Photography
Marcelo Trotta
Lucas Barreto
Production Desing
Marcelo Reginato
Assistant Director
Beto Maldonado
Ivan Goldman
Beto Araujo
Project Management
Thaís Lopes
Marcia Guimarães
Post Coordination
Clara Morelli
Rosangela Gomes
Line producer
Vivi Torre
Set Editor
Julio Saez
Carlos Campos
Rodrigo Vec
Teka Munhoz
Rogério Merlino
Motion Graphics
Felipe Frazão
Julio Saez
Filipe Lopes
Diego Esteves
Márcio Nicolosi
2D Animation
Henrique Lobato
Anderson Omori
Chan Tong
Jhonny Bezerra
Post Design
Henrique Lobato
Color Grading
Leandro Lamezi
Serginho Pasqualino
Letícia Blanco
Bruno Tedesco
Libero Malavoglia
Sound Design
Quiet City